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HIV bare foot stepped on discarded syringe

several weeks ago, i went to a park with some friends, we took off shoes and walked on the lawn. unfortunately, i stepped on a syringe and broke it (very likely from drug user). it hurts my foot a bit. i cleaned it up and saw some blood inside that thing. now i feel terrified that blood might have hiv. what is my risk? also, i am worried that small broken pieces went into my skin with hiv blood, would it stay active if i could not get them out? is it possible that virus carried by those pieces does not infect me now but stay active for a long time in my foot and infect me in the future when there is a chance? as i want to go for a test, so i need to know if i can trust that result in this scenario.
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Get a tetanus shot, if you haven't had one recently and forget about this. You were not at a risk. Your event wasn't equal to being injected with a syringe full of HIV infected blood. Testing is not recommended.
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s/b Only needle risk is when you share one that you use for injection because some can be still alive inside the tip (which is not what you stepped on) if the transfer ....
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1. hiv is very fragile and is inactivated (effectively dead) instantly in air. If you stepped on it the blood inside (assuming there really was blood inside which I doubt since) it seems unlikely there would be that much blood in the part you could see in, because once the guy injected himself, he didn't have any reason to use the needle to suck up some of his blood.
2. There wouldn't be any delayed transmission action while sitting in your skin for awhile, since it would have died long before that.
3.Only needle risk is when you share one that you use for injection because some can be still alive if the transfer is done fast enough, but in your case it was after the person discarded it that you stepped on it so likely you are safe.
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