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HIV concern

Can someone assess my situation? because it has been 3 years and can't completely get rid of HIV anxiety. i will try to make my questions as short as possible.

it all started in the end of 2017, where i had 5 risky exposures (no condom used) to random people from dating apps. Anyways, ever since i have had 4 HIV 4th gen tests as the following dates:

1st: December 5th, 2017 > Non reactive
2nd: December 17th, 2017 > Non reactive
3rd: May 14th, 2018 > Non reactive
4th: August 17th > Non reactive

i rest assured after these tests. Later on, i also had protected sex with 2 people from dating apps at different times, but i put on condoms and it didn't break in both times. Lastly, i had unprotected oral sex (August 2020) as i received blow job and no penetration happened at all. The following day i had fever and chills which lasted about less than a day. what's confusing me is that i haven't had fever for a very long time (years). and i got it right after having oral sex? I'm sure that i got an infection and my body was fighting it. So till now, i have never developed any symptoms at all. So,

- What's my situation regarding HIV? i am even more afraid to take another test so it could turn positive.
- What infection i might have contracted after my last oral sex?
- Should i take one last HIV test?
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These things happened a LONG time ago and you've had negative tests.  What exactly do you mean by unprotected.  Unprotected what?  
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i mean receiving blow job without condom
That's no risk at all. Oral sex is not a risk.  Only risks"  unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  
Thank you for your response. What do you think about my second question? the fever and chills i got the next day? could it be a permanent STD? or should i move on as long as i haven't developed any symptoms so far?
There are no stds that show up next day. You are literally talking years ago.  Do you suffer an anxiety disorder?  I'm sure if you had symptoms of any std at that time, again --  none show up immediately, you'd have had std screening, no?  Talk to your doctor but you sound like you are very worried more due to anxiety than reality.  
"The fever and chills I got the next day?" What was your temperature reading on the thermometer?
I didn’t actually measure it, but definitely felt it. I went to bed and woke up fine in the morning.
It is possible you were so anxious that you sweated in fear and just thought you had a fever. It's easy to do and I've done it with Covid fears this year, but remind myself that I likely don't have it so I just move on and forget about it.
Anyway, GR is right that you don't get sick the next day so if you had anything it was due to an earlier exposure when someone coughed on you, or you didn't wash your hands after touching someone's germs.
Thank you both for answering my concerns. I’ll just move on and assume that I’m HIV and STD free as long as i never developed symptoms 4 months after my last oral sex.
Doctors can't diagnose hiv from symptoms so no one here pays attention to poster's claims of "hiv symptoms." You shouldn't be wasting any time studying your body.
Oral is zero risk so you really need to stop thinking about that too - it is a huge waste of your time.
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