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HIV diagnosis post delivery is possible?

Hi all,
I have a seriously urgent question. My friend was identified with HIV 6 months ago. His wife was 3 months pregnant at that time. But his wife was checked up 3rd, 6th nd 9th mnoths. But they were non-reactive. Now his wife delivered a baby. Now he discussed with the doctor about this doubt he had . Doctor said most probably it would be HIV-ve for the lady and the child. But one of the doctors made him very much confused stating that his wife and the child might get positive by one year completion. My friend is very much afraid becuse of the doctor's stment.

Could anyone confirm is there a possibility for the lady and the child to be positive after one year completion, even though the pregnancy related tests at 3, 6 nd 9 months of non-reactive test results.?

Your valuable response is appreciated. Pls help.

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Thanks a lot for the response. i will pass this on to my friend to relieve him off the depression. thanks. tk care
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Such an event would be so astronomically rare as to not merit consideration.  Modern tests are highly sensitive, and experts in the field consider the 4th generation test to be 99.89% conclusive at 28 days. Few medical tests for any condition are that reliable.  For both the mother AND the child to experience a negative test and then later test positive, the odds would be like being struck by lightning while on your way to collect the lottery jackpot that you won for the second time.

Unless the father and mother have had unprotected sex less than one month before the HIV tests, the mother and child are almost certainly negative.
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