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HIV help

I am a Herpes HSV2+ positive male oral and genital

I had a girlfriend for 7 months we tested for HIV before any sexual activity.
Both results were negative.

My last exposure from this relationship was 10th of April, unprotected oral and vaginal sex... We broke up that same night... To play it safe I tested for HIV at 4 and 6 weeks after we broken up... 4 weeks remaining for 90 conclusive results.

I have a one Protected night stand on the 28 of March with a different female, it lasted 7 minutes...
No kissing
No oral sex
Protected Vaginal sex alone
No skin to skin contact or rubbing up on each other
I tested for HIV at 4,6 and 8 weeks all results were negative... 2 weeks remaining for 90 days conclusive results.

I recently had Protected sex with a long time friend, before we got down I took her to get tested for HIV results were negative. So I performed unprotected Oral sex on her for like 5/10 minutes. 9 weeks remaining for conclusive results

For the past 10 weeks experiencing some weird symptoms

Burning sensation and tingling in general body, mostly palms and under feet

Redness in palms and feet
When the burning sensation is present

Sore throat, white tongue and acidic taste in mouth

Belly and back pain

Loose stool

Pain and swelling in testicles and groin area

Lymph nodes in groin, sometimes very painful.

Stabbing pain In chest and Armpits

Tingling sensation like nerves coursing through my body mostly feet and arms

Red Discoloration of eyes and fingernails

I'm so scared I don't know what to do next.

My question can I rule out HIV or should it test out 90 days for all my encounters

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Your symptoms are irrelevant because no one uses symptoms to diagnose HIV. Nothing you've posted is a risk for HIV and besides your test results prove you don't have it. See a doctor if you're not feeling well but you've already conclusively ruled out HIV as a cause for your issues.
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Thanks I'll be moving on now
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