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HIV oral sex

Last night I met two guys. They  offered oral sex. I put the condom then one guy gave me oral. After some time both started sucking my nipples and masterbating me by hand. When I was about to ejaculate i pushed them away. Usually I ejaculate in condom but this time I realised that condom was slipped out and semen came out to my hand. I ran to outside toilet to check condom but it was unbroken.  

Now my fear is what if while receiving oral sex condom would have removed and I am exposed to their mouth.

Please tell me my risk of HIV

Should I go for PEP?

I never did any oral without condom. Due to my mistake i missed to check weather my condom was intact or not. On the Net it says low risk. Some few cases present make me very scared. Please help

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Thanks for the replies. Highly appritiated.
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Saliva contains at least 12 different enzymes that inactivate HIV once exposed to it. Air has the same effect on the virus. The only ways HIV is spread are:
-Unprotected anal/vaginal penetrations.
-Sharing needles to inject drugs.
-Mother to child.
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Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission. There are a lot of information available on the internet for oral sex and HIV transmission, most of them are not validated, these websites use a conservative stance because out of a million infected with HIV, probably couple of people decided to report their infection through oral sex, the credibility of these reporting were never established. However, there have been numerous recent studies conducted to observe that oral sex is not a viable route to HIV transmission. Therefore, we the volunteers here at MedHelp, would stick to practical information and do not consider it to be a risk for HIV transmission.

Nothing that you have described here today puts you in any risk for HIV contraction.  You don't need to test.
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