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HIV result interference


last time I had an exposure was in 2020 (September). in February, 2021, I was asked to do a medical tests for employment, and HIV was one of them. Tests I did were as follows:

- HBs Antigen (ELISA)
- HCV Antibody (ELISA)
- HIV I & II Antibody (ELISA)

All tests came back negative. My question is, since HIV test was combined with other tests, is there a possibility that the HIV result gives inaccurate result? I am just wondering how usually these combined tests work. are the tests performed individually or just run my blood once and get results.
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The lab knows how to do tests without mixing up (or inappropriately comingling or contaminating) the samples, so you shouldn't ever have to worry about that kind of thing.
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Thank you for your answer. So could the mentioned tests be done from one blood sample? Because I don’t really remember if one or more samples were taken
You think there wasn't enough specimen, and the lab just made up results!

Next time you have a blood test, ask the nurse at the time what and how much of each draw will be used for, if you think that will help her to draw the correct amounts and if you think that will help the lab avoid making up results due to lack of blood.
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There would be NO effect on your HIV test, just because other tests were run at the same time.

My guess is that you didn't even have a risk for HIV in 2020, but regardless, your tests are negative and you should not give another thought to HIV.
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Thank you for always being helpful.
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