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HIV risk 11 months ago from a condom breaking

I had vaginal protected sex 11 months ago and the condom breaks from the middle i realized that very quickly ,i am not sure that if it breaks from the penis head or not.. it really freaked me out , i got tested after 3 days antibody test and it was negative , then i repeated STD tests and HIV antibody after 30 days and it was negative also, i got high fever last month is it related to it , should i test again ?
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People cough their germs on you so flu is to be expected at any time. Only the head needs protection, so if that happened you had zero risk. If not your tests were too early so a waste of time because antibody needs 12 weeks window so if you had a risk test now for a conclusive result.
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Hello , I read that after 30 days anitbody test is 9% false negative ... i did't experience any fever or flue for 8 months after this incident ... is it a good sign or i need to retest ??
Symptoms are useless diagnostics, so only a test can provide answers. If someone told you there was 9% chance they had HIV would you have sex with them? Are you planning to tell the next person you have sex with that you think there is 9% chance your test was useless?
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