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HIV risk assessment

I’ve recently had a protected sex with somebody who I met,we had a rough sex for about 4 minutes, this hppd on 21st  April, fast forward to 14th May I had a sore throat(2 days),running nose(2 days), swollen lymph nodes under jaw and armpits , 21st May my face was itching(2 days) although my neighbour bought her dog at our place and itching of face started(not sure if it’s a dog related allergy or not)and on 29th May there was hives of 4 boils on my face , I would like to bring it to your notice that post our protected sexual intercourse act I asked the guy to do the water test on condom  in front of me to rule out any leakage and it was intact , do you think I’m exposed to hiv assuming that guy was hiv positive, I also asked whether he cummed when he was inside me with condom on and for which he mentioned no(seen him using his hand to take it out), but did mentioned for pre cum might be with condom on and when he was inside me , I’m very stressed out as what I deemed as a safe sex might now turn out to be the unsafe one and thinking of it sends shivers down my spine, please assess my hiv transmission risk.
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Earl wrote "This helped me rule out HIV." No it didn't rule out hiv, since you didn't have a risk. You took a placebo test which will always give a negative result after you waste your time taking it.
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Hi AnxiousNoMore,
I’m not saying what Earl said was wrong , just that I wanted to ask and maybe compare her ordeal with mine.
Don’t get me wrong please
There is no ordeal to compare. Neither of you had a risk so both of you imagined you had hiv symptoms - that's just an emotional experience that anyone can get when they study their body too much. First step to peace is to quit googling symptoms cold turkey and the second is to stop studying your body looking for hiv things that can't exist.
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Hi, you can go and have HIV duo test for peace of mind. This helped me rule out HIV. So that in the future symptoms I know it is not HIV.

I suggest to get yourself test just to be sure.

But the risk are very low that you got HIV. Protected sex doesn't transmit HIV(Latex condom).
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Hi Earl,
So you’re are suggesting I might that unluckiest one who might have caught HIV despite this being a protected encounter .
Btw just out of interest what were the symptoms you got with your HIV scare moment's?
NO.  NO ONE is suggesting you got HIV from this event.  Being at risk for HIV isn't a matter of being lucky or unlucky.  It's matter of risk events versus non-risk events.  You had zero risk for HIV.  Any symptoms you have, or that Earl had, are not relevant to HIV since neither of you were ever at risk for HIV.
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The good news is you never had a risk for HIV. HIV is not transmitted by protected sex.  The only risks are having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to iect drugs. Precum on a condom will not transmit the virus. Air inactivates it.  None of your symptoms are hiv related as you can't get hiv from this activity so see your doctor. Zero risk and no reason to test.
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Hi GuitarRox,
Thanks for your response, must admit was very reassuring.
There might bit of miss understanding with regards to Pre cum, what he mentioned was he might have ejaculated precum with condom on when he was inside me.
I’m just a nervous wreck, so just want to know about my HIV risk
Okay, it is still not a risk at all. Rest easy.
Did my test as suggested by Earl and thanks for it ,it came back as non reactive, thanks to GuitarRox,CurfewX,AnxiousNoMore and you guys are doing awesome work!!!
" I might that unluckiest one who might have caught HIV despite this being a protected encounter ." No that is an unscientific idea.
The test will always come back negative because there can't be any hiv to test for.
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