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HIV risk from Blood test/ Extraction??

Hi Doc/s and Good Sirs/Ma'am, Earlier today after 8 months of my possible exposure, I went to a local government clinic to the get the rapid test. unfortunately I live in a 3rd world country, And the clinic that i went to probably caters 20-50 patients a day and is also a bit unsanitary.

Few things i noticed:

1. Nurse/Phlebotomists was not wearing any gloves, and i haven't seen her disinfect her hands before or after my procedure.

2. She did wipe the puncture point using a cotton ball dampened w/ alcohol which she got inside a steel cylinder dispenser. But, before inserting the syringe, she touched my skin to find the vein.

3. She did use a sealed syringe, so i think that part is safe. The procedure went through quickly and painless.

4. Then She transfer the blood from the syringe by pounding/taping it a bit on the vial. what alarmed me is that I notice some small splatters of blood (not sure if its dry or wet) on the Styrofoam tray that is holding the vial.

5. And after the extraction she went towards the lab on the next room, I have no idea what she else she is touching (most likely she herself will perform the rapid test on her own). Who knows she did the same thing on the procedure before mine.

Few minutes later, The results came and is non-reactive.

But now couple hours later. I noticed two small patches of reddish bruise around the puncture wound (each covering an area of 0.5in in diameter). And that very same arm feels funny/achy when I try to move or lift objects using strong to moderate force.

My questions are:

1. Based on my observation/above above should I be worried of HIV transmission from the whole procedure and especially the from the nurse's hands.

2. Are there any other disease/virus that I might possibly acquire and should watch out for from that procedure.

3. Why is that very same arm bruised and feel achy/funny. Should I raise any concern.

Please do help me on my query and address my worries and concerns.
Thank you so so so much for your time and effort.
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There is nothing concerning in anything that you posted. The nurse did everything correctly. And everyone knows that getting a blood test can and usually does result in a bruise and/or pain where the needle was in. That's common knowledge. You have zero concerns about HIV or anything else because the nurse did everything correctly.
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