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HIV risks from condom protected sex

Hi moderators, On 16 the of this month i had protected vaginal sex with CSW in India.
After i finished indise her I saw some fluids inside the condom on base of the penis.. worried whether it was lubricant in the condom or her vaginal fluids.. but the condom didn't break
Assuming her to be HIV positive.. is there any possibility that I would have got infected.
Do I need to test for HIV?
This was my only exposure..
anybody become HIV positive after having condom protected penetrative sex?
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You have been previously advised that the only sexual risk for HIV is having unprotected anal or vaginal sex.  This advice will not change.  You cannot get HIV from a condom that isn't visibly broken.  No risk, no test.
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Thank you so much CurfewX,
Yes I have been advised previously, but in another medical forum it was mentioned that condom are not always effective in preventing STD. They they also mentioned it as low risk.. But you people say this as no risk.. So I was confused.. This is the reason I came back for your assessment. Period.
It's "low risk" because the condom could break.  An intact condom does not present any risk for HIV.  If you are asking about STDs as well, you can post in that forum: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/STDs---STIs/show/98
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