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HIV rna window period

Tested not detected with hiv 2 pcr qualitative & hiv 1 rna pcr 7 weeks aftr unprotected anal sex with a call risk. Is this test reliable?
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My apologies for reading incorrectly, I was almost half asleep in the morning.

At 7 weeks, you don't need an RNA PCR, a simple standard antibody test can rule out HIV infection as suggested by CurfewX.

You can just take any lab based antibody test to follow the recommended testing at this point. Although, absence of HIV-1 &2 RNA in your assay only means that you don't have HIV. Just finish the formality, collect your antibody negative.

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Thanks mike no. But just wanna get clarity that since RNA looks directly for hiv, isn’t it a better test. It’s just that due to fear I am apprehensive of taking another test
As recommended by CDC, an antibody test is used for diagnostic purpose.

There could be a situation, where an infected individual might not have detectable amount of viral load in spite of being infected without any treatment. These set of people are known as elite controllers, their viral load is less than 40 copies/ml for considerable amount of time without treatment. This is very rare and only about 1-in-400 HIV positive people are estimated to be elite controllers. An RNA test wouldn't be able to pick up the virus in such cases.

An antibody test on the other hand looks for your immune response to the viral infection, this response is called antibody, the body starts producing antibody immediately after infection, it's just the matter of time - once you suffice the window period of 6 weeks, the body starts producing detectable amount of antibody for II and III Generation of HIV tests to pick up the reaction.

A IV Gen works a bit differently, it not only looks for antibodies but also looks for a core viral protein called p24, thus reducing the window period to minimum of 28 days.

That's why there is no way one can go wrong with an antibody test and hence, rightly suggested by CDC for diagnostic purposes.

Just get your self a standard antibody test now, it's going to be negative.
Thank you so much for your detailed explanation. Truly means a lot!
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Good indication. However, you can test at 28 days with a duo for a conclusive.
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I think you didn’t get me. I’ve taken these tests after 7 weeks.
Wrong test.  RNA test is not intended as a primary diagnostic test.  Take a 4th generation Ab/Ag test at any time for your conclusive result.
But I read that this test is used for early detection of virus
Also, when is 4th gen test conclusive: at 4 , 6 or 12 weeks?
I repeat:  It is not intended as a primary diagnostic test.  It is 98%+ conclusive at 4 weeks, 100% at 6 weeks.
By the 2nd “It is” I guess you mean duo test?
Thanks anyways.
Yes.  You asked about the 4th generation test, so that's the answer I gave you.
Thanks a lot!
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What was your exposure?
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Unprotected anal sex with a call girl
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