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HIV scare or overreaction

A couple of nights ago, I had unprotective vaginal sex with a HIV + partner, who the last time I checked, levels were undetectable. He did not ejaculate inside of me but preejaculate may have been present. The next morning my menstrual cycle arrived which scared me further. I went to my local urgent clinic and was prescribed Truvada as PEP. Did I overreact in this situation? Fear is a great motivator and the Internet has the power to invoke fear regarding HIV. Infection from preejaculate has not been studied in great detail but there have been reports of infections from preejaculate or HIV present in preejaculate. I wanted to be safe than sorry.
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Having an undetectable viral load when on HIV treatment (ART) dramatically reduces the risk of transmission. How low this risk becomes is still being studied, but some researcher think that in practice this risk gets very close to zero.

The ways that science works means that no one can ever prove that tranmission is not possible. This is because science can never prove “a negative” – ie that somethinng will NEVER happen.

Some people would find even a tiny theoretical risk would be too high. For others, the same risk would be easily acceptable in order to not have to use condoms.

The decision on whether or not to use condoms is a decision that must be mutually agreed upon by BOTH partners. You should NEVER feel pressured into having sex without a condom.
There was nothing "wrong" with your decision to begin PEP treatment but that tells me you're not 100% comfortable with your decision because you don't have all the answers.

If this is a long standing relationship in which you would like to remain, I would advise that together you have a discussion with an HIV Specialist to answer ALL your questions.

I wish you the very best
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