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HIV scare


I was sitting at home watching tv when my neighbor called me saying someone on a bicycle had just been run over by a car. I immediately ran out the door and to the scene (I'm an EMT and knew I could provide some care until medics arrived).

By the time I got there, a crowd had formed and was just watching him bleed profusely from a laceration to his head. I immediately grabbed a towel that someone had thrown on the scene and applied direct pressure while maintaining c-spine.

I was not wearing gloves, and didn't realize until the medics helped me clean the blood off my hands that I had a scratch on my hand from 4-5 hrs earlier. The scratch was fairly superficial but bled a couple drops when it occurred.

I'm worried about HIV transmission or anything else of the sort.. Definitely going to get tested ASAP, but what it your input? What are the chances or possibilities of the transmission in my case? How worried should I be?

Thanks in advance
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He's an EMT, he took infectious disease and bloodborne pathogens in his EMT class.
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You should be rather be proud of yourself for what you have done than to be scared of HIV.
Most people don't have HIV, and your old superficial cut's won't increase the risk...

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