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HIV scared

Hello Doctors. I had unprotected anal insertion sex. My partner was tested same day; showed me 4 gen test was non-reactive. 3 days later I was febrile and sinus pain. I got antibiotics and my fever broke same day. I believe I was duped by those test results. My torso is always warm and no sense of smell for a week now. I’m scared I was mislead by partner test.
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You can't get hiv when you used a condom so there was no reason to test for hiv.
However, some studies are showing that loss of smell is an early symptom for many people who have Covid 19, so you should talk to a doctor or hospital to see what they think. https://www.livescience.com/odd-coronavirus-symptom-smell-loss.html

At this point in time, I would avoid encounters with people you don't live with because of the likely 100% risk of you contracting or spreading Covid (if one of you two was positive) in which case you might also spread it to your loved ones.
Since neither of you were social distancing, I hope you check out this forum for information on why you should be doing that 100% of the time today. https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Coronavirus/show/2203
Your health is your wealth, so I hope you remain healthy to be able to enjoy life. Many infected Covid patients including young people are under the misunderstanding that they have zero risk from Covid, but will discover that not all of them will be spared permanent lung and related heart issues in which case they have lost that wealth forever.
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Sorry, I thought you said it was protected so ignore my first sentence. You had a risk for hiv.
You can take a 4th gen test 4 weeks after the encounter for a conclusive result. Therefore his test was not valid for the 4 weeks prior to your encounter, but if he didn't have unprotected during that period then he was conclusively negative at that point so you wouldn't have any risk anyway. When was the encounter?
March 13th test on March 12th.
He claim I’m only sex partner in last 3 mnths
Well, that is comforting. Not sure why someone who was careful enough to test would do unprotected, however that is irrelevant to your situation today so please don't worry about it or run what-if situations in your mind.
wrt hiv, if I was in your situation I would totally relax until April 10 and take a duo to make sure. I would avoid any googling hiv and not try to self diagnose if you think symptoms point to hiv since only a test is a diagnostic.

Regarding Covid, I hope you follow up with medical authorities for advice. Be safe and keep others safe too.
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You did put yourself at some risk. You would need to test at 6 week with a IV/V generation HIV test. The earliest you can get one is at 4 week with the same test, 4 week changing ahead is unlikely.

Most people don't lie about their test result. However, your own safety is at your own hand. So, the next time you must always insist on protection. Condoms when used correctly and consistently can keep you away from HIV other STIs.

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Couple of things, your symptoms were not specific to HIV ARS, the timing and the characteristics were not relevant. You should stop reading on materials about HIV on the internet, it is causing you to become anxious. Your partner wasn't likely to be HIV positive, a negative test result was certainly encouraging. Just get the test at above specified time and move on.
Thank you....I’m still worried though my sense of smell is diminished.
He likely told the truth about his test so you should consider a discussion with your doctor about this loss of smell since mike explained your symptoms are not specific to hiv.
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