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HIV testing with Crohn’s Disease and Entyvio

Hi All,

Thanks for what you do on here. It’s been years since I have had worry about HIV. I had a few unprotected encounters in the past year. I just need to move on, but I can’t. How accurate are the 4th gen duo tests for someone like me that has Crohn’s disease and take a biological immunosuppressive drug (entyvio)?  I want to move on, but I am hung up on this because I don’t know if Crohn’s disease and/or immunosuppressive medication can delay the window period. Please see my test results below and advise. I can’t thank you enough.

Last possible exposure: 5/10

5/24:(14 days post possible exposure) HIV RNA Qualitative PCR: NEGATIVE

6/8: (29 days post possible exposure) HIV 1/2 AG/AB 4th gen lab test : NEGATIVE

6/18: (39 days post possible exposure) HIV 4th gen antibody/antigen combo lab test: NEGATIVE
Thank You
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What do you mean by unprotected encounters?
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I replied to your question but it doesn’t show up. I’m not sure if I did something wrong. Thanks.
I will just type it again.  I don’t know what happened.

* I had unprotected insertive (my penis) vaginal sex with 3 women. One girl was a former IV drug user. You can see my concern now.

* I had protected insertive (my penis) anal sex with a man. There was unprotected oral (giving and receiving).  I also think he may have rubbed my penis on his anus before I put on a condom.

Please let me know.  I appreciate it.
You were told before the risks for hiv and rubbing and oral are not one of them, so it is time to accept that advice.
When was the last unprotected vaginal?
So, unprotected vaginal sex is a risk as you know. However, your tests on 6/8 and 6/18 are conclusive. 4th generation tests are conclusive at 28 days and beyond and do not change. Your additional details of Crohns disease will not affect your hiv results. You can check with your testing center related to the medication you take but it is my understanding that it should not interfere.

Your other exposure of anal protected se and oral sex and rubbing penis on anus was not a risk.
Thank you both very much.  This will help me move on.

To answer anxious no more : Last unprotected vaginal was 5/10.  

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