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HIV tests confusion!

Hi Guys,

I'm a gay guy who had sex 8 days ago with another dude (claims to be HIV-) and I was the bottom, during sex the condom broke and I was unprotected for only 4 seconds max! No exchange of fluids happened (or I couldn't actually see any) and I pulled him out directly.

After this incident I went to an STD medical center where I got on the second day a P24 Ag HIV test and it was negative which cleared all my previous sexual encounters except for the latest one. Because of my severe anxiety the doctor told me, although I am a low risk case, to go for a PCR RNA HIV test after 7 days and according to him and another clinic I consulted this test is conclusive after a week (British Standards they say)

So I did that and on the 8th day (today) I went and got a PCR RNA HIV test alongside another P24 Ag test and both came back negative, and I was so very relieved and happy.

But then I go on the internet and start to read how everyone is talking about false positive results and no accuracy of PCR while other sources claim it to be the best ever!!

I am really confused, should I be worried?? Am I at risk?? why would the internet be in such confusion when it comes to PCR? Should I trust the doctors or what is the deal here? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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As you were advised in your previous thread, you should get a 4th generation 28 days (or longer) after the event.  The tests you took were at the wrong time, and were pointless.

An RNA PCR test is pretty accurate, but around 11-13 days, not the 8th.  You would still need to take a standard Ab/Ag test at 28+ days, or a standalone antibody test at 90 days.  
I did not take any tests, an accredited doctor told me to do it after 1 week, that's the confusion I am talking about! The other Ab/Ag test I will do after a month no doubt.
It is fine I will retake the PCR test on the 14th day then and request for it personally, the other tests I did like the Ab/Ag aren't really required but they come along PCR, like a package.
??? You state:
"So I did that and on the 8th day (today) I went and got a PCR RNA HIV test alongside another P24 Ag test and both came back negative, and I was so very relieved and happy. "

In any case, yes, retake the PCR test on day 14, then follow up with the Ab/Ag test after 28 days, and you'll know your result for sure.
I am sorry if I made it sound like my own decision it wasn't .. a doctor referred me to a medical center where the other doctor agreed with the first on doing it after 1 week.
So what was the point of me doing the test in a week!! that's so confusing
Maybe because you were so anxious they thought it would calm you.
wow so they lie! great work ethics! Now I'm back to square 1 :(
I don't know the reason so just guessed, which doesn't add any value. Just follow Curfew test guide and forget the rest of it. Based on the factors in your other thread, I would try to stop worrying and just do the duo and wouldn't even take the RNA since it is expensive but it is up to you.
So guys I did a PCR and a P24 test post 13 days (aprox 13 days and a half after possible exposure) and both turned out negative! Can I move on with my life now? I will retest after a month but can I say I am 99% in the clear since PCR at day 13 is believed to be more than 99% accurate?
I have another thing bugging me, if someone can help ease my mind about it, on the 7th day after possible exposure I developed painless tonsillitis with white pus on them, I did not panic because for more than a month now I have been fighting an infection of mononucleosis that keep on coming back in waves ... can I be assured this is purely mono???
Is it possible for seroconversion to happen and still test negative on P24 and PCR couple of days after it? twice? Please help me sleep at night .. I am exhausted
Symptoms can't ever prove HIV so it is best to stop examining your body.
You are right, these symptoms were always coming and going even before my unfortunate 4 seconds exposure! I am just driving myself crazy!
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