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HIV through menstrual Pad/dry skin flakes

Ok so this is probably the most outlandish scenario that has been presented here, but here it goes.
I was on my period and went to change my pad. I was wearing a long blouse, so I folded it over my torso. I then noticed my skin at my stomach was very dry and flaky. I thoughtless brushed my hands over my stomach because I was wondering how my skin got so dry. The dry skin flakes we floating off.
I had used shared keys in order to enter the restroom, and I had touched the keys prior to brushing the flakes off my stomach. Then I changed my pad. If:
1. the keys somehow were touched by semen or period blood (shared restroom keys- restroom used throughout the day)
2. I touched them before brushing off my stomach
3. The skin flakes from my stomach were now touched by the hand that touched the keys.
4. The skin flakes ended up landing on the pad that I was going to wear.

If the flakes landed on the pad, could they possibly cause me to get hiv if the virus had been on the keys? My flow was pretty heavy, so blood was on most of pad when I took it off. Also, I have a scratch on my labia.

I know hiv loses infectiousness when exposed to air, but can the virus be reanimated when placed in blood? If so would’ve there have been risk of transmission assuming it they restroom keys were tainted? Thanks!
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The answer to this, and any other HIV risk question you may have, can be found in your other thread here: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/Can-I-breath-in-HIV-through-tainted-particles/show/3061346

The risks are NOT going to change, no matter how much detail you add.
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