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HIV transmission through vaginal fluid

I am 43 yrs old man and I am poor in English. Few days ago I did fingering in vagina of one my lady friend and touched vaginal fluid. She is married and I don't know her HIV status. Just after fingering suddenly I entered the fingers into my mouth to catch up one hair. After that incident I am in tension till today because -
  1) There was vaginal fluid in my fingers.
  2) Bleeding is happening in the base of
my teeth. So there may be many injuries and wounds inside of my mouth.
     If that Lady is HIV positive is there chance of HIV transmission to me ?
     Should I follow HIV test ?
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Don't test. You had no risk. HIV is dead in air. HIV is also dead in saliva. It doesn't matter if both of you are cut because it can't spread HIV from fingering.
Only having unprotected penetrating anal or vaginal sex with a penis is a risk because HIV is not able to infect any other way. You were a long way from either of those so you had zero risk.
Move on from HIV.
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Thank you for your response.
At that incident the vaginal fluid was only for few seconds out of her body. So I thought it may be transmitted easily .
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Glad you are understanding how difficult it is to actually transmit HIV.  It is a very fragile virus.  As anxious said, only unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles will transmit it to adults.  Touching vaginal fluid poses no risk.
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Thank you for your response... I am still in phobia, fear because that vaginal fluid entered in my mouth also .
   So please write your suggestion...
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My suggestion for phobia and fear (as you say) for a non risk HIV issue is to seek help from a psychiatrist for phobia and fear.  This is not an HIV issue but translates to your needing help with anxiety.  That is my suggestion.
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ok .. thanks
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