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HIV worry Condom became complete inside out

Hi experts recently I had a potential exposure again with a csw. It happened when I was on top of her having vaginal intercourse.

When I pulled out when trying to change position, I found out that the condom slipped and went completely inside out and was sitting on top of my urethra (It was like the condom made a 180 degree turn). Part of my penis head was not covered I think. Am I at risk to hiv? Thanks.
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I know I asked a similar question last week but this is a different potential exposure. Thanks.
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I'm not exactly sure what you are describing.  But, ONLY the head of your penis needs to be covered.  As long as the head was covered, even if the rest rolled up over itself, you are all good.
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When I withdrew. I found that the condom turned inside out with probably only my urethra covered but not the whole head. So am I at risk?
To put it better, the condom turned inside out as it slipped during withdrawal. After the withdrawal I saw the condom was on on my penis tip, with the condom ring pointing outwards.
The tip of your penis was covered, so it was not a risk.  
Thanks for the reply. But why did you say the head needs to be covered before. Whats the difference between the tip and the head?
The head, the tip, etc.  Basically your urethra is what needs to be covered and that's it.  That's all I have to say on this, you were zero risk if the tip, head or urethra are covered.  
I see. Thanks again for your help!
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