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HIV worry after massage, protected oral, vaginal


Thank you in advance for helping me.

I have prostitution in massage area in Hong Kong. Firstly, she helped me to do body massage with lotion. I am sure that is not oil. Then she helped me to put on condoms and having sex with her. Both oral sex and vaginal sex were used the same condom. Then I shot and last for around 5 seconds in her. Then she helped me to remove from my penis.

I am worry because I didn't check the condoms are broken or off. Whether the lotion will break the functionality of the condom? The condom is provided by her.

After 5 days and 10 days, i did two ultra-sensitive HIV RNA test which lower limit is 50 copies/ mL. Both tests show negative.

After 12 days of exposure, I have a sore throat.

Should I worry about having HIV?

Please help. Thanks.
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You had no risk to worry about. If your condom had failed you would have known, you seem to be paranoid about this incident, see a counselor to help you with your guilt.

Also, for someone with a real risk; an undetected RNA PCR at 10 days would only imply no infection.

You don't need to test. Get help for your guilt and anxiety.

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Thanks Mike. I am afraid about the condom because my penis was with lotions...

So for the test, does it imply that I have no infections?

Can I still have sex with my girlfriend?

You never had a risk. So any test you take would imply no infection.

You can move on with your life.
Thanks Mike.

Is it possible that my sore throat is due to my anxiety? I am super worry about having HIV...

We have established that you had no risk whatsoever ever, please accept the help offered to you, this is the best we can do from here.

You need to see a therapist to overcome your anxiety, we can't help you with that since we are only specific to HIV prevention and you don't have a concern that belongs here.
Hi Mike,

Due to my anxiety, i did one more p24 combo test(4th generation) at day 17 after exposure.

Is it possible to tell me I need not to worry about HIV now? Since p24 is conclusive after 28 days.

However, I did RNA test (detection limit 40 copies/ml) on Day 6 and day 11 after exposure.

Combining these test together, do i still need to worry?

Your tests are meaningless because they are looking for a virus to which you were NEVER exposed. That's why there is no window period because there was no exposure. Any test taken at any time for someone without an exposure, like you, will be negative.
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