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HIV worry

I know there have been many posts regarding the same situation however I am really struggling and looking for some support and advice from those in the know.

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a female of unknown status, I also have no way of contacting this lady. Below is a summary of my symptoms and testing regime thus far.

1 week post possible exposure - I pain in my penis head and tight testicles. Visited GUM clinic and was given antibiotics for Chlamydia. Chlamydia and gonorrhoea results came back negative.

3 weeks post possible exposure - Intense pain in my left testicle resulted in me being diagnosed and treated with epididymitis. Ofloxacin prescribed which seems to give me headaches and difficulty swallowing, I persevered with the 2 week prescription.

4 weeks post possible exposure - Hiv Duo test 4th generation resulted negative.

5 weeks post possible exposure - Fever, sweats, stiff neck, swollen glands, rashes that would come and go with intense headaches.

6 weeks post possible exposure - headache, rash and difficulty swallowing continues. Tested negative for HIV antibodies.

7 weeks post possible exposure - symptoms remain but tested negative with an HIV duo 4th generation.

8 weeks possible exposure - symptoms remain.

I has expected by testing at 6 & 7 weeks to come back positive but was surprised they did not. I have read a lot on the internet about negative results outweighing symptoms, however I just feel it is a matter of time before I get a positive result at 3 months.

I feel in despair and cannot concentrate at home or at work. Why haven't I tested positive yet?

Yours in fear
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You don't have HIV.
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Not trying to convince you just looking for a shred of hope to latch on to. Are my rashes and oral thrush symptoms to early (6-8) weeks to be considered HIV related at what would be likely the seroconversion stage presently.
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Did you read what I wrote?
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I did thank you and hope you are correct, thank you.
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I too had a rash before and after a combo negative result at 5.5 weeks,
And I too had previously taken antibiotics for chlamydia treatment. Instead of looking at hiv symptoms start looking at what happens if good bacteria is destroyed and also effects of anxiety.

You had two combo tests. If these were not conclusive then they wouldn't even dare state window periods.

Relax pal, enjoy your life.
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Candida overgrowth? Seems like the symptoms have a few in common with seroconversion but nobody seems to talk about it.
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Why are we going to talk about symptoms when you don't have HIV?
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I like you Vance. Have you ever been wrong when telling somebody they don't have HIV? If not, then your word is good enough for me.
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No one has come back to say they have HIV. Tests don't lie.
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Negative at 8.5 weeks.
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4th gen test score 0.21 at 8.5 weeks. Symptoms remain, struggling to get myself out of bed. Still hopeful of a negative 3 month test, 2 weeks to go. Have alienated myself from friends, family & partner :( feel absolutely horrible.
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Where do you have your swollen glands? neck? armpit?
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Neck, groin and behind knees.
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I have many in armpits and pectorals... I also had a 4th generation test at 28 days and I hope it will stay negative. I'm very stress because I have read online that those nodes swell only for really bad reasons. Keep is informed about your test results. Good luck!
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Hi Vance

My GP has advised to test out to 3 months based on my symptoms, this will be May 7th. My symptoms which include swollen glands, sore throat, rash, headache etc have been with me for 6 weeks now and the intensity comes and goes. This would be a long time for ARS wouldn't it?

thanks in advance
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ARS happens at 2-4 weeks after infection and last 1-2 weeks. You are clearly outside of that window period, so symptoms are not related to ARS. If you did have symptoms in the time frame when they happen then you would test positive about 1 week after symptoms.
Again you don't have HIV.
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I have same story but in a different way! I noticed that most of those who had a possible risk and got negative in first 8 weeks with combo test they almost share the same symptoms. And I am one of them! I am afraid that 6 months later the result changed to positive. If I am wrong! So why we have these symptoms at this time after the exposure to the risk?
For 60 days i don't sleep well and every moment even at work I am feeling horrible time!!!
As more as I read about people who had a possible risk I become more weaker.
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2 days until my 3 month test, it will take 1-2 weeks to get results back. Feel grim, running on empty. Stand to lose a lot.
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Robert, I have a similar story. I had horrible horrible symptoms that I could not explain. After a sexual encounter. I had fever, rectal itching, dizziness, shaking hands, tiredness, low testosterone, it scared the **** out of me. For 6 long months I waited for a positive HIV, it never came. I've tested negative probably 12 times.

This test for you will come back negative. My symptoms were from candida overgrowth and acute candidiasis. When this test comes back negative, accept it and move on with your life. Cheers

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Dear Cpetorsone....what are the symptoms candida over growth... Is that cureble..??
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Hi CP, did you get diagnosed for candida through a blood test? How are your symptoms now?
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I was never diagnosed, the blood and stool tests apparently aren't great, and they are upwards of 500$. If that's something you have the money for then go for it. But you will have to talk to a naturopath or nutritionist. All the doctors I saw were completely perplexed by this.

I have been on a anti candida regiment for 6 weeks, and I feel WAY better. No longer dizzy, crotch itching is almost non-existent and testosterone is improving with medication. This was something that I thought I would try, and it's given me a great deal of success so far.

The symptoms of candida are numerous, they can effect people in a number of ways. It is treatable and controllable, that's what I've come to understand

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Hopefully get my 11.5 week result on Tuesday. Got tested for EBV and CMV also, still petrified. Some people still talk about testing out to 6 months, is that necessary?
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Just got the HIV result by post, negative; so that's pretty good.
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