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HIV1 quantitative RNA @real time PCR analysis

Hi, I have a post exposure.I am male and I had anal sex with a commercial shemale in thailand. the condom broke during that time and the sex intercourse lasted for about 10 seconds. I am not sure when my condom broke. also I am not sure about her hiv status, though she said that she is negative.

At 28th day, i have undergone a test HIV1 quantitative RNA @real time PCR and the result came as "target not detected" . the interpretation given for the test says that "target not detected = the given sample doesn't contain HIV1 virus".

I just want to check with you guys , if i can feel relax now or should i go for any other tests. Or should i also go for PCR for hiv2, have heard that hiv2 is rarely found and mmostly prevalent in western aftrica. Just want to check with you guys. Kindly help me. I am still very much tensed.
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You should've had a DUO test. PCR's are not for diagnostic purposes so they don't for sure exclude infection
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Hi teak, I would definitely need your comment on this. I have read your comments in many post but not on mine. Kindly help please. I know that you will say per is not for diagnosis and I agree with  that but I just want you to asess my risk
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YOu have not read a comment that teak has written in several months as he is no longer on this website.

The RNA is a very good indication, follow up with a antibody test at 8 weeks.
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Hey vance, thanks for the information. Also I would like to mention that today is the 4th day after exposure and till now I haven't experienced any symptoms. Bt I have two mouth ulcers from last 7 days. I am not sure if the ulcers are the early symptom of hiv or not. Also let me know if I should go for pcr rna test for hiv2 as well ? Thanks in advance for your reply..
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Sorry not 4th, it's 41 St day. The exposure happened on July 1st 2015
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I advised what test and when to test.
Symptom has no relation to HIV.
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Thanks Vance
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