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Had sex with my girlfriend worried i put her at risk

I love her. I wore a condom worried i didnt pull the condom it all the way back the tip of my head was protected didnt *** checked after the holes. Did i put her at risk of hiv if the tip of my penis had condom. Please someone help cant eat sleep i love her so much.
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Only the head needs protection and that happened otherwise it would have fallen off. Holes are a myth. when a condom fails it rips down the seam and hangs in tatters and both people know it so that didn't happen.
You are safe so go back to your happy life and start eating and sleeping again because nothing dangerous happened.
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What if precum slid down to the unprotected part? Last question the ill move on and try to be happy again ty
No fluid outside or inside can get past the ring at the bottom or else the condom would have fallen off. That is why condom is always safe.
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How could you put your girlfriend at risk? Do you have HIV?
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Hope not always tried to be safe im bi had gay anal sex with 4 partners always askec there statues and too wear condoms.
You always wore condoms with them, so you can't get HIV from them either. You have been worrying about HIV for no reason as I already explained. There is no purpose in going in a circle worrying about impossible infecting to her,  because of impossible infection from the guys, so it is time for you to develop a more scientific approach to HIV.
Ty  trying hard to move on but then stupid thoughts go through my head what if it broke when guys i been with. Or they took the condom off when not looking. What if there lying about being clean .i know most people woulndnt do that or lie about being clean going to try hard to live happy and believe them and that i saw a condom on them. And that they would tell me if it broke thx for leassoning to me
Your problem is not disease but this is an HIv prevention forum. Your anxiety is fear of disease which at this point is a bit of a mental health problem since you say you can't keep track of what happened anymore, so you need to see a therapist to try to deal with this.
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