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Head only into my anus for one half penetration with transsexual

I met a very known shemale Escort from a famous website.
We kissed tongues, we did mutual 69 blowjobs without condom..
Then she penetrated me with condom and after some minutes she cum in my face and maybe a drop of it came contact with my eye.
Then she lie down on bed.
I go above her , her penis still erected well after 3-5 minutes.
She spit on my penis and handjobbed my dick. I was so irritated and blow minded that I was rubbing my anus to her dick. Sometime I got her dick and put only tip or head inside my anus for 2-3 seconds.
I was ready to take it all but resisted. So only bad thing was her tip of penis was inserted a bit into my anus or maybe not at all, maybe half head. For sure no penetration happened. I asked her. She told me didn't feel like penetration. But maybe I was opened enough that we didn't mention.
What is my risk assuming she is Hiv+?
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Your risk is extremely low, due to the very brief duration of unprotected contact.  If you wish, you can get tested 4 weeks after the encounter for peace of mind.
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