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Help, please! I’m thinking I might have multiple risk factors.

Hi all, I was wondering if someone could help me assess the risk of an encounter I had last night.

I (female) was with a friend (28, white, heterosexual, non-IV drug user, no time spent in jail) and we were fooling around, unprotected. We did not have intercourse, though frottage happened and the head of his penis spent a lot of time around my vaginal opening. I know I would have felt if it was fully inserted, which it wasn’t, but the tip was sort of pressing into my vagina. I’m going to assume there was pre-*** involved. We also used my vibrator and I’m not sure if there was any pre-*** on that when he used it to stimulate my clitoris or inserted it into my vagina. He also ejaculated onto my stomach, then a few minutes later proceeded to finger me and stimulate my clitoris, once again. I’m unsure if there was any semen on his fingers from that.

My dilemma is that I have genital HSV-1, though not a current outbreak, and about 1.5 hours prior I had trimmed/shaved my genital region, including my vaginal opening, and I’m sure there were probably small knicks/cuts. I am also recovering from a yeast infection and still have some burning/irritation because of that. I guess because of all of this and the rubbing of his penis with possible pre-*** on my possible broken skin and vaginal opening has me concerned.

Side note, not sure if it’s important but, he used to do crime scene cleanup and I know that they wear protective gear, but I’m not sure if he was ever exposed to any bodily fluids or blood that might’ve been of someone with HIV.

I see that I might possible have multiple risk factors and just looking to assess the possibility of exposure, if he has HIV.

Thanks a lot to anyone that helps, I greatly appreciate it.
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Good news - you didn't have multiple risk factors.  You had ZERO risk factors.  Sexually, HIV can only be transmitted if a penis is inside a vagina or anus, unprotected.  Not pressing against - INSIDE.   None of the other issues you mentioned make any difference.  Although HSV can increase the risk, it cannot multiply the risk in a zero risk situation such as yours.  Zero x 100 is still zero.

HIV does not enter through minor cuts or scrapes, either.  I read your entire story, and there is no detail you could add that would make this event a risk for HIV.
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