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Help : Exposure to hiv

I am from India..went to the massage parlor ..
She was completely unknown to me.
I had asked her to have a unprotected sex ..
We had a insertive (me ) protected sex standing position for like 10 -15 seconds...

I knw I have expose myself to the risk but let me know what are the chances of transmission ....
I heard insertive partner has less chance of transmission...
Anyone agree to my point
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Your post is very unclear. You wanted to have unprotected sex but you ended up having protected sex? So did you use a condom or not? Because using a condom protects you from HIV and most other STDs and therefore no reason for PEP. Not using a condom is really stupid and could possibly result in infection. So what did you do?
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I used condom sex sir but still I fear of her vaginal fluids might get inside my uretha
I'm not a sir. And your fear is nonsense because it's not a risk. HIV is unable to infect outside the body. Any body fluid once exposed to air is no longer infectious because the virus can't survive.
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The probability of getting  HIV is 1/10000. You can take PEP within 72 hours of the exposure. Don't worry too much just get a 4th generation test after 28 days. And from now on always use a condom.
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Thnks sir what about transmission of protected sex.  _/10000 rate ?
Sorry, If you have protected sex then the risk is zero. Don't worry. You are feeling worried maybe because of the guilt.
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