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Help me PLEASE!

Ok hey everyone I'm freaking out! I had unprotected sex with a dude that led to unprotected anal sex I don't know if he ejaculated inside. I'm a 21 year old female who suffers from really bad anxiety. This was 3 months ago, and during the time shortly after I got tested which came back negative. After the  encounter I started having loose stools shortly after and started freaking out about low grade fevers.... No rash no cough no high fever nothing but loose stool and the feeling of being hot. It's been 3 months and I've started getting recurrent headaches out of nowhere DAILY! With a loose stool yesterday no other symptoms! I'm freaking out! The constant though of having HIV is ruining my life! Does this sound like it? Can you help me please
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You had a high risk from unprotected sex.

Since it has been 3 months, you can take any test now for a conclusive result.
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Yes make it a priority to get tested, any test will do after the 3 month mark, even the rapid test. Good luck. Be careful.
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