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Found ur site helpful to many people. I m here to share my story. I had 3 time protected vaginal sex with csw girl but she used oil on her vagina as it was paining her. And also had long unprotected oral sex on her. I read that oil destroys and degrades condoms. My condom got white patched as it seem that it was degraded but did not broke. Condom degraded but not broken can cause hiv…??? As I had tested it afterwards by filling it with water which did not leaked. Now on day 5 I visited other town at my cousin home where i got severe throat infection seem like boils in throat which were painful. But went away in 2 days by using antibiotics. On day 7 i got white patches on paletine tonsils which was not paining and dry cough as it seem that something sticky cough was stucked for 25 days straight. It went by using anti bacterial medicine for 5 days. I also had red very itchy palms n anxiety sweating for few times in 4th week which went away in 3-6 hours. I also had severe sweating hands and sleeplessness at night due to tension not due to night sweats and feeling sleepy and tired in the office. Now on day 36 i.e. after 5 weeks I checked my hiv by using rapid tridot antibody test. It was nonreactive. I am damned frustrated as these seemed hiv symptoms. Had dry throat for a week but stucky feeling for 25 days. Is tridot test conclusive after 5 weeks ??? I checked on youtube and other sites that these symptoms are hiv. I think of dying all the time for the mistake i made. Feeling guilty. Plz help. Can any body give detailed answer.
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Condom either works or fails catastrophically. Your condom did not fail so your risk never existed. Next time, use water base lubes if needed. Symptoms do not mean much, because similar symptoms can be experienced due to other common infections, therefore the symptoms are often confusing and misleading. It is your guilt that troubling you.

Though you do not need a test for a protected exposure, you may do so only to get peace of mind. Your 5 week antibody test was reassuring though, but not conclusive.  You can get yourself tested for 4th generation Duo (Antibody+Antigen) anytime now, collect your conclusive report, lay all your residual worries to rest permanently and move on with your life normally.
Thanks for ur answer. Plz can u tell me about having unprotected oral as i had brushed my teeth half hour earlier to oral and had a slight strep like thrush before oral too. Can it cause hiv. I don't know the status of girl csw. Plz reply soon.
You had ZERO RISK for HIV.

As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

If you don't do either of those activities, you will NEVER have to worry about HIV.  There is no detail you could add to this event that would result in it being a risk for HIV.
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