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Hi everyone anal sex without condom risk - bottom

Hi everyone i recently had sex with a man whos hiv status i am not sure off silly of me i know. I was bottom i started pep just before the cut off point. Im almost a few days of completing pep and i know i have to wait another 6 weeks to test. If i ask the person to test and he comes out negative can i be confident that i am fine?
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Was the anal sex with or without condom?
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Alright. Well, UNLESS he was already confirmed positive, going on PEP was not necessary.  That is reserved for situations of having sex with someone you know has HIV because it is a hard drug to take (lots of side effects) and the risk from a one time unprotected sex is less than ONE percent. So, so low and unlikely, that most educated doctors would never prescribe it for your situation.  But since you are taking it, the only way to know is to complete your course of meds and test at the appropriate time (28 days post pep would be you a reliable answer if you take a 4th generation DUO test).  If he takes a DUO days past when the sex happened and it is negative, then yes, that would indicate that he doesn't have HIV and didn't when you hooked up. But since you put yourself through pep, you have to get your own conclusive negative.  
1) Would that be conclusive 28 days post pep?
2) he tested at 20 days after the event and was negative.
3) should i ask him to test again at 28 days post the sex?
4) is pep effective at 68 hours post sex
I am sure he is getting annoyed with you if you keep pestering him about this but if he took a DUO test at 20 days, while it likely won't change, it's not yet conclusive.  He'd need to test at 28 days or beyond for conclusive results.  Pep is to be started within 72 hours of the sexual event. The recommendation for testing post pep is 4 to 6 weeks with a DUO test.  
So let me get this right if he tests at 28 days post the sex with me and he is negative can i breathe a sigh of relief and forget about the whole thing?
Also i dont know him at all and he does have sex regular. If he tests negative after 28 sex with me can i breathe a sigh of relief?
I already answered your question.  Take care
I know you answered the question about his duo test but what im asking if he negative on his test which is now booked in 29 days post exposure with me can i breathe a sigh of relief and believe that he hasnt infected me? Thank you
I answered your question. Please move on.
Yes i know but its all confusing for me it seriously is im paying alot of miney for him to test at the 29 day mark all i want to know will i be safe he is negative at the point
Yes.  If he tests negative, he didn't have HIV at the time so, therefore, he couldn't have given you HIV.
Thank you thats all i was asking kind regards
Hi just an update he went and did a hiv duo test 29 days after we met up and it was negative. Could i put this behind me i am on my last day off pep today. Should i test or would it be pointless? Secondly if i was to test should i test at 28 days or 42 days.  Thats all from me and thank you so much for the advise you have given.
Hey, that's GREAT news.  If he is negative now, 29 days later, then he didn't have HIV when you two had your encounter.

If you want to test for peace of mind, that's entirely your choice, but given your partner's negative result, it's not medically indicated.  Testing 28 days after your last dose of PEP would be a good time, but again, it would be for peace of mind only, if that's what you need to put this event behind you.
Thank you so much for your response, and thank you ever so much for your advise. Can i be safe to say i can put this behind me and carry on sex with my wife or will i have to wait out the another 23 days which i have left after completing pep. 1) would i need to ask him to retest.
He doesn't need to re-test.  Since you can't have contracted HIV from your partner, since he was negative at the time of your encounter, you can do whatever makes you most comfortable.
So its safe to say i can put all this behind me thank you
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