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High IgG CMV results

My CMV test IgG was 114, and IgM negative. Does this mean I could have HIV too.
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CMV seroprevalence :

USA: 50-80% of adults
European countries: 40-70 (depending on the country and socio-economic status), Italy 85%
Asian countries: 80-90%
African countries: even more.

Do all these people have HIV?)))
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The reason why CMV is often mentioned in relation to HIV is that it can cause serious (even lethal) disease in HIV patients. But allegedly so can also a harmless fungus.

Risk groups for CMV:
1) Unborn babies when maternal infection occurs during pregnancy for the 1st time (reactivation of old CMV is VERY rarely problematic).
2) Organ transplant recipients
3) HIV patients or other severely immunodeficient people.
4) Premature infants if infant is CMV- and mother CMV+. Measures are to be taken to prevent transmission through breast milk, till the infant´s immune system is strong enough to handle the infection.

Healthy aduts can forget the topic. That´s what I was told by a doctor. Nevertheless, I am still very uncomfortable with the idea of spreading it (I am positive).
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If IgG is that high (no idea how high it has to be), maybe you are having CMV reactivation (though I´m not sure).
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