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Hiv Encounter Risk

I am 28 year old male. This is my first encounter of having escort service or any sex service. I am a circumcised virgin and never had any kind of sex or dry sex related activities. This happened on 2nd January 2018, on evening, I took an escort service where the girl was naked and I was in full clothes. I was wearing shirt and nylon trousers. I was also wearing vests and briefs inside the shirt and trousers respectively.
She came to the room and gave me a condom but i refused and said that I am not going to have sex. (I wanted to just do fondling,licking). She removed her clothes and then told me she wants to go toilet where she urinated and washed her vagina and then came out and used a towel to wipe it. (this process was visible to me since she didn't shut the bathroom door).
She then dimmed the light in the room and layed on the bed with her back on top of bed. I layed on top of her but I made sure my upper half was on her while my lower half was on the bed (not on her body). I began to fondle her, I kissed on her breast (Not sure if i kissed her breast or sucked it). Then,I kissed her lips (both of our lips were shut). I then licked her arms and portion between hips and waist.
During this entire process, I realized that my mouth was very dry. I had literally no saliva in mouth. I started rubbing my penis on bed and ultimately ejaculated within 3 minutes or so. As soon as i ejaculated, she immediately asked me if i ejaculated. I then lost interest in fondling/kissing/sucking. She also accepted my situation and asked if she can leave or I can carry on for some time. I asked her to leave.
Then, after 2 minutes, I went into the bathroom and changed my underwear by cleaning the semen and wore a new underwear and a trouser.
I still noticed that my mouth was dry, so I thought this might be due to licking and she might have used some cosmetic powder on her arms/body. So, I inserted finger into my tongue to vomit out. I vomited the food that i had afternoon. At this time, I felt weak. Kindly note that whenever I vomit I have small internal bleeding. (After i Vomit, when I spit there are small traces of blood which vanishes after sometime).

After that day, I mean on 2nd day, I felt body pain, Flu like symptoms but didn't experienced fever, I can feel my body warm but not enough for a fever. I even got pain below the ear which I related to swollen lymph node while googling about hiv symptomns. I got bean like red swelling behind my neck which i didn't know if it was insect bite or swollen lymph node.
Next day when I slept, I woke up with stiff shoulder. Everytime I move my neck,it used to pain. I attributed this to improper sleep posture but soon found on google that this maybe due to ARS. I tried to sleep without pillow to avoid stiff back.
When I used to sleep without pillow, my left ear used to pain like someone pulling it. This continued for a week or so.

I hadn't noticed any cut or bruises on her. I asked her through phone if she had hiv, she said that she didn't but my mind can't believe her. When I asked how did she knew that I ejaculated, she said I was excited prior to ejaculating and once I ejaculated I stopped rubbing movement. She also said that she wasn't lactating. She also ruled out any penetration.

I visited family physician, he gave me antibiotics for flu and body pain. With those antibiotics, I felt like my stomach was burning. The flu subsided but body pain was not gone. Infact, I developed a white coating in tongue which increased my stress levels after google told me that oral thrush can be ARS symptomn. I didnt have white spots on cheek or anywhere on the mouth. I had white coating only on tongue. I also have sagging uvula inside mouth.

I got pain below the ear and near the jaw, I thought that my ear might be infected but one of the ENT specialist told me that this may be due to tonsil infection and prescribed an antibiotic and betadine to gargle. I skipped antibiotic and used betadine gargle regularly but the white coating didn't vanish.
I took blood test and urine test. Blood test was normal but urine test revealed blood in urine, traces of albumin, 2-3 pus cells/hpf, 5-6 rbc/hpf and Bacteria+ in urine.
For one month, I had joint pain and nerve pain in hand.
After a week I took another urine test, where bacteria vanished and the amount of pus cells and rbc in urine lowered but was still present in minute traces. Even albumin is present in small traces.

It has been 2 months since the encounter, now I have mild leg pain and mild fatigueness and white coating is vanished 80% with tongue cleaner and oil pulling but still have sagging uvula.

Prior to visiting the escort service, I had a man with flu like symptomns sitting near me in public library. That man was constantly sneezing and had a running nose.

Kindly note that:
During this entire period, I never had diarrhoea,fever,difficulty in swallowing.

My question:
[Consider the girl I met with had hiv and higher viral loads]
[Consider my penis slipped out of underwear and only nylon trouser is covering my penis from external environment]
1) Does having low immune system increase chances of acquiring hiv as per my scenario (fondling,kissing)?
2) Does having dry mouth increase chances of acquiring hiv through mouth since saliva is not present to inhibit the virus?
3) Does having internal bleeding after vomiting left me at risk as virus would have entered through my hands to mouth and may have entered to the bleeding area inside the body/mouth.
4) What if my penis slipped out of underwear but was still inside nylon trousers when I ejaculated, does this add to any risk of getting hiv?
5) What if my lower half of the body was over her when if ejaculated with nylon trousers over my penis without underwear?
6) What if my penis skin was teared by rubbing pressure and then I ejaculated?
7) Does Air-Conditioned room increase survival rate of Hiv virus? If yes, then at which temperature and corresponding life span of hiv virus
8) Does sucking breast with dry mouth increase chances of getting hiv? What is the possibility if she was lactating and non-lactating?
9) Is my choice of no condom for fondling or dry sex left me at risk for hiv?
10) Are my symptomns related to ARS?
11) Does washing her vagina after urinating and rubbing it with towel later to clean it might have teared vagina lining and increased hiv risk?
12) I never had such symptomns in my life, what is it that is causing the symptomns if it is not hiv?
13) Does my first time encounter lower the chances of acquiring hiv?
13) Why do all of the posts in the forum doesn't have the user reporting his test results at the end of the topic? This may bring some relief for people like me who are searching for the hiv related doubts.
14) Are my symptomns related to stress/anxiety? If yes,which are they?
15) I am planning to do hiv duo test (antigen+antibody) after 3 months from exposure (on 1st April 2018). Will it be conclusive or 6 months test needs to be done?
16) Any history of people acquiring hiv without sex/penetration?
17) Do people who got hiv in unusual way report it? I mean there maybe cases where people got hiv without sex or in negligible risk way and didn't report it for their privacy, is this possible.

I want to avoid any "what if" questions after an expert reply so I wrote this detailed post. Kindly read it carefully, so that I don't bother you again and again.
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This is a no risk exposure, but I'll kindly answer your questions.

Q1,2,3,7,8,9,11,13,17. No evidence suggest that, any other arguments are based on theories and doesn't make a different in your no risk situation

Q4,5,6. I can't tell what happened during this incident. But no.

Q10. ars symptoms don't appear so soon. It is the same as food don't get digested immediately

Q12,14. This is your doctor's job to find out. It is not my duty to do that.

Q15. Conclusive

Q16. No

Your questions are asking data I don't have and it doesn't really matter. I can go on talking about the theories, but still it doesn't help you. your exposure is no risk because it is non penetrative and you keep asking what if questions like what if your penis skin was teared...
So what if people don't post back in Medhelp about their results? And by the way, I have seen some people posting back about there negative results.
Good luck for your test anyways, I can 100% confirm you have no HIV.
Thank you for the reply. It makes me relieved hearing that reply and I didn't miss describing any point of my encounter.
Keep up the good work :)
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I had tested for hiv and hsv after 75 days of my exposure.
I did hiv duo test which checks for both P24 antigen and antibody and the result came as Non-Reactive (0.349)
I did herpes (I+II) IgM antibody test and the result came less than 0.50 (negative being less than 0.9)
1) I wanted to know what does the number 0.349 and 0.5 signify? Am I in sero conversion or totally negative for hiv and hsv?
2) Is hiv duo conclusive after 28 days (my test is after 75 days),so can I move on claiming I am hiv negative?
You had no risk plus biollogy explained you tested negative and it is time to move on from HIV fears and enjoy your life.
There are more interesting things you can do with your life than studying lab technology. Late seroconversion is a myth.
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Thanks a lot.
You guys are doing a great work in running this forum topic and answering everyone's query patiently even though we are persistent in believing we might be having hiv inspite of negative results.
I am now moving on with my life. I blame my existing symptoms (weakness,leg heaviness) to my stress/anxiety/depression.

Thanks a lot again :)
Quit Googling HIV symptoms cold turkey too, otherwise people can't let go and continue to be anxious.
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