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Hiv Risk? Help!

Hello and thank you for the forum. I had a sexual encounter with Trans Girl Last January 12 2020  and have been feeling anxious all afternoon. Since I didn't have a condom, I refused to bottom for him, but I ultimately allowed him to rub his penis against my anus. I started feeling pressure and realized he was pushing his penis inside of me. I stopped her, but I am worried that he may have inserted the head of his penis into my anus for about 5-10 seconds. I have had receptive anal sex previously and do not think that he fully penetrated me, as I was not in any pain at all. Although he stated that she is tested every six months and is negative, and that he has not had sex for a long time, I still do not know him well enough to trust it. I realize there is some degree of risk for HIV infection (as well as other STIs) but am curious as to how risky this scenario seems and whether I should get tested for this and when. I've heard about PEP and rapid tests, but don't really know if this situation warrants it. Thank you!
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thanks if she pressed like a second but i dont feel the penetration is it consider as a risk?
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Only you can know if penetration occurred. Only risk is if penetration occurred.  
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No worries, based on your description  hiv risk is non-existent since penetration did not occur. Since you explained that you know you weren't penetrated then you had no risk. However, this has been worrying you with what-ifs for quite some time, so if you still feel uneasy, perhaps it is best to take a duo test (since it is conclusive after 4 weeks) then you can forget about what seems like a non-event. Any other test is conclusive after 3 months. btw, PEP must be started within 3 days of exposure so that is not an option at this time.
At this point in time, which I  see is 2 months since your encounter, I would avoid encounters with people you don't live with because of the great risk to you or possibly your loved ones of contracting Covid.
In case you are not social distancing at present here is that forum. https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Coronavirus/show/2203
Your health is your wealth, so I hope you remain healthy to be able to enjoy life.
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