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Hiv Testing System

Sorry for My English.

My 1st exposure was in 2013 July for 3 times unprotected with unknown HIV status.
My 2nd exposure was Dec 2019 with a condom protected sex. The condom broken or not didn't noticed.

I have got some HIV symptoms in march 2020 and I was very afraid of HIV testing and yesterday I finally did testing which was AIDS ( HIV-1/HIV-2 ) Antibody which came Negative and again today I did another HIV testing from a different hospital to re-confirm which was HIV p24 Antigen + Antibodies and both were non-reactive. What my question is are those tests reliable and are those a 4th Generation test?

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You had no exposure in 2019 and your test result was conclusive. Stay safe.
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You didn't have any HIV risk in 2019.  Protected sex is NOT a risk as long as the condom did not visibly break.  You would have noticed.

The tests you recently took are accurate and reliable.   You do not need any more tests. You do not have HIV.
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You didn't get any hiv symptoms 7 years later. See doc if you think you have a serious health issue but it isn't hiv.
Thank you so much. Just to be sure, are those tests which I did are 4th Generation tests ?
The antigen/antibody tests are 4th or 5th generation tests.  It does not matter which test you took.  ANY test taken 90 days or more after a risk event is conclusive.
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