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Hiv fear from an encounter

Hi dears,

      I am freaked out from a an encounter happened last month in my car.i was with one of my lady friend i met online whose HiV status is unknown. We just had some nasty talks and which later ended up giving a handjob for me.both of us did not touch her private area. But she just stimulated my penis with her bare hand without condom and lubricant like a dry handjob untill i ejaculated.I am circumcised and one or two times she touched my penis opening in between the stimulation.i am sure i did not have any cut in my penis and she didnt have any vaginal fluid on her hand.since it was an evening time i am not sure she had any cut or wound which is bleeding. I Am scared that if she had any bleeding and which contacted my penile opening. Am i at risk of HIV? Kindly help me as am paranoid now.
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HIV can only infect inside the body through unprotected anal or vaginal sex or by sharing IV drug needles with infected users. Handjobs have never resulted in HIV infection. It's literally the safest thing you can do with another person because there are no STDs that can infect by handjobs. This is true regardless of whether there are cuts or scrapes present on the person's hands.
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