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Hiv fom blood filled hand sanitizer?

In my office recently , I gave my employee a big tub of sanitizer ( Alcohol Based) to fill a small dispenser of the same. However after using sanitizer from the dispenser after he it refilled it I saw that his hand was cut after refilling the same dispenser. What if his blood got mixed with the sanitizer and I rubbed it with my hands ? Am i at risk ?
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No, this would not result in HIV in any way.  The only way you'd get HIV is if you have unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or shared IV drug needles.  Touching blood is not risk.  Touching blood in hand sanitizer is not a risk.  Air deactivates the virus.  And the reality is, he didn't have his blood sucked into the hand sanitizer.  I sincerely doubt he was just dripping blood.   Which leaves me to wonder about your anxiety level and if this type of irrational thinking is common for you. If so, then it would be best to work with a therapist to overcome that.
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But his hand did get cut while opening the can !
What if I used the same blood soaked samitizer and touched my mouth parts like eyes , nose ?
Well seriously, did you have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with him or share IV drug needles?  Your exclamation point is not necessary. This isn't a risk as I stated what the risks are.  No more asking about this, you've got your answer.  This is anxiety driven and irrational.  This is NOT a risk for HIV.  Seek help for anxiety if this is your ongoing response to things like this.
You're being totally irrational. The hand sanitizer was NOT "blood soaked", and you know that to be true. But because you have an extreme case of irrational anxiety about HIV, you are saying that it was.

The whole point of hand sanitizer is to kill germs on your hands. Obviously that means that if any germs got exposed to the hand sanitizer, they would not survive.

Besides those points, it's not possible to get HIV from touching blood, anyway. You could walk around touching blood all day long and you will never get HIV because that is NOT how it spreads. The only way you would get HIV from your coworker is if you engaged in unprotected anal or vaginal sex with him or if you shared IV drug needles. And he would have to be HIV positive in the first place.
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