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Hiv oral sex

Hi, I recently performed oral sex on a hookup... we are both gay males. I am concerned to as if I can contract HIV from oral? My OCD and hypochondria is telling me to get tested immediately. Should I ? I made an appointment for tomorrow.  He did not ejaculate but what about pre *** ? There was saliva but I was so worried that we ended before he ejaculated. I am highly concerned of the risk of contracting HIV. I’ve read the risk is low and possible non existent. I had no cuts in my mouth that I am aware of and I have good hygiene. The male told me he was tested about a couple weeks ago and is HIV and STD negative but the concern is still lingering! Advice please. It will be much appreciated! Thank you
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Testing is not required for an oral sex encounter because experts in the field of HIV research agree that it's not a real risk. By all means go ahead and get a test if that's what it will take to ease your mind. But expect to get a negative because it's looking for something you were not exposed to.  

For someone who had a risk, a 4th gen duo is conclusive 28 days after an exposure. All other tests on the market are conclusive 12 weeks after exposure.
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