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Hiv risk through Blood test

Hi Team,

I took 12 blood test in last 2 months using syringe and Niddle in India.  Most of the time I didn't see lab technician used new niddle s sand syringes while withdrawing blood.  What are the chances getting hiv through blood draw?

1 if Niddle contain viruses from previous patients, After how much time it will infect me when same niddle used for blood draw.
2. Hiv can survive in niddle and syringe til what time.

3 . I tested negative at four and five weeks with antibody test for 5 to 6 blood draws

4 Should I need to test further?
5. Can I contribute sextual relationship with my wife

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Hi Mike,

How much time it will take to die HIV virus in niddle and syringes?
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Your fear is not rational.  This is NOT an anxiety support forum.  We do not deal with "what ifs" here, especially scenarios that are not realistic.  Again, please see a therapist for your anxiety.  You do not have an HIV concern.
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Please see a shrink for your irrational fear of this disease. Testing 12 time is a bad habit that needs a professional's attention.
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Hi Mike,

These all routine blood check up. None of them for hiv.

I tested negative at 24 days with 4th generation CMIA? Do you recommend me additional [email protected] days mark or at3 month
No one is going to deliberately infect you at a diagnostic laboratory with HIV. Unless you had a 'real' risk - unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or shared needles to inject drugs with other users, there is no risk. Testing wasn't needed.
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