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Hiv risk?

I made the stupid decision to cheat on my wife with a guy to fulfil a fantasy. This happened 13 days ago. I used a condom and I was nervous as it was my first time so I was a little fumbling mess. I used lube too. We had sex which didn’t last longer than 5 minutes and I cum. The condom was intact when I finished and then I left. He says he’s clean, negative and on prep but I’m smashing google like it’s going out of fashion. In my head I’ve not only being the most disgusting human being but I’ve also got HIV. How much should I worry? Do people lie about their status to get sex?
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You can't get hiv when you used a condom, plus if he always uses one that would mean he is negative. You should move on from this non-event and not discuss it with your wife since there is no risk to her. There is no useful hiv diagnostic info on Google anyway because only tests can be used to determine if a person is positive which is why he tested instead of googling.
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Do you think people lie about their status? What if he isn’t negative? Why do you take prep if you’re negative?
You are completely missing the point. Condom protected sex is no risk.  His status doesn't even matter.  The only risks for HIV are unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing IV drug needles.  Prep is prophylactic as in it prevents and PEP you take if you had a substantial risk.  Which you did not. So, no reason to worry over this encounter.  
So should I take a test?
No you do not need to test.  
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You used a condom which did NOT come off and did NOT break. As you said yourself "it was intact," therefore you had PROTECTED SEX, which is SAFE SEX and as both  GuitarRox and AnxiousNoMore told you that means you had NO RISK for HIV. You also asked "What if he isn't negative?" Doesn't matter what his status is. You had protected sex....you are safe, you had no risk. And you really gotta let this go. Resume sex with your wife knowing you are clean. You also asked "Why do you take PrEP if you're negative." GuitarRox gave you the answer.....I'll just rephrase it. You take PrEP if you're negative and want to STAY NEGATIVE.
The one question you asked that didn't get addressed and I believe it's a VERY important one.......you asked "Do you think people lie about their status?" I have absolutely no doubt there ARE people out there who lie about their status.  To go into the REASONS they lie is far beyond the scope of this forum.  The only recourse for ANY of us, regardless of which team we bat for, is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS  use a condom for penetrative sex.  
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Thank you for your response. The information out there is a minefield and I can see why places like this exist. Take care and thanks again.
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