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Hiv symptoms

I received blowjob from a girl of unknown status maybe she's positive and after one and half month I got a fever which was 101 degree but I also got a sore on my tongue and I am very afraid I know oral sex poses zero risk but what about mouth sores on tongue

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I agree with the others, HIV is not transmitted through receiving oral sex regardless of tongue issues.  Saliva and air inactivate the virus. The only way adults get HIV is from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV drug needles.  I'm sorry you are sick but it is unrelated to HIV.  
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Sore on your tongue could be due to numerous reason but HIV since you weren't ever at risk. Please see a GP for your ailment, HIV is not your problem.
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Zero risk means zero risk. No one in the history of HIV has ever been infected by receiving oral sex and you will not be the first. Your symptoms have nothing to do with it. If you're not feeling well, go see a doctor, but HIV has already been ruled out as a cause on account of NO exposure.
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I am just afraid about sore in tongue
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