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Hiv transmission by hand shake a wound bleedy hand ?

Dear ,
From one week ago , i hand shook to someone who his hand's finger was bleedy by deep wound ....there was not any visible wound  on my hand .
Did i get any kind of  std transmission ?
Note : i have doubt that he has any disease of std because he always sleepping with ***** girls
Iam so worried from this and i wait your answer to can start any action depending on your answer
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You can't acquire HIV through any thing that you have mentioned here today.

Below are the only potential risk for HIV transmission in adults:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse
2. Sharing needles - PWID
3.Transmission through blood transfusion. (This is rare as most blood products and blood transfusion are subjected to preliminary screening.)

No risk for HIV.
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Dear sir ,
Thanks too much for your answer  
But i have another question ...in case of  i had a visible wound but it was dry
Is there possibility to transmit hiv through this my  visible dry  wound during hand shaking to his  bleedy wound

NO, this is not a risk for HIV.  Please re-read mike_no's post.  He told you the only ways that HIV can be transmitted.  A handshake is not one of those ways - no matter what.  
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