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Hiv transmission through re used strip to pick finger

Two years ago, in a clinic they were giving free hemoglobin check up and the nurse used same finger prick strip/lancet to prick fingers. My mother is hiv positive from last 22 years and on ARV from 13 years. We both went for free hemoglobin test and the nurse used the strip that were used on my mom to prick my finger after few seconds. Am i on risk?
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The only 2 risks for HIV are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles.

A lancet is NOT an intravenous needle.  I am almost certain you were imagining that the lancet was re-used, as most lancets are designed to be single-use and cannot be reused.  In any case, you will never, EVER get HIV from your mother unless you share intravenous needles with her.
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Actually in India they use STEEL lancet not the regular one that prick only one time so she's been using that made of steel and can be used multiple times just like a sewing needle and as I've learnt that virus can't survive outside human body but it was used right after she used on my mother.
It was very small prick that caused 1-2 drops of blood.
I do not know why you are focusing on the type of lancet and ignoring the rest of my post.  You will not get HIV from your mother.  If you cannot accept this, please seek therapy.
Dude i don't want to bother you and I'm not ignoring anything from your answer I'm just assuming that the Lancet you imagine was the one all other countries use. It was a metal lancet that pricks finger and can be used again and again and i saw her doing that. I get it that its only transmitted through the 2 activities you mentioned in your answer IV and sexual relations. But is there any chance that I'm at risk as it was so fast not even 10-15 seconds , lancet might have some wet blood and got into my finger? Chances are very low but its stil there right?
"Chances are very low but its stil there right? "

Alright thanks
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