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Hiv worry

I am a gay Male.

Have never had Anal sex . My exposure is dec 2019 was oral sex and in early March 2020 was getting fingered .
I got a swollen node in August 2020 in my neck , it went with antibiotics and now I have another small node in my neck .
I tested I. August 2020 for hiv using the 4th gen test . The result was non reactive .

Are any further hiv tests needed ? I am not a ke to believe the reports for some reason and getting worried . Please advise . Thanks
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You never needed to test in the first place.  You had no activity that could or would result in HIV transmission.  The only ways HIV is transferred is unprotected vaginal or anal sex with penetration or sharing IV drug needles.  Fingering, no risk.  Air exposure.   And oral sex, no risk.  Air exposure and saliva also inactivates the virus.  Your test was not necessary in August and was negative due to no risk.  You definitely do not need to test for a non risk again.  Hope that helps.
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Thanks a lot for you reply .
However doc Handsfield you was earlier in this forum says that it’s oral sex is low risk . That’s what got me worried .
Also what’s the accuracy of hiv tests ? Is it possible for labs to mix up blood samples . I tested form a reputed lab in India . I have been getting lymph nodes in my neck on and off .
But the reports of hiv are non reactive .
Please advise . Thanks
No, he has never said it is low risk.  He stated theoretical risk which is not real risk. It's never happened in a single documented, proven case to date to have HIV transmitted by oral se.  You do not have hiv and tested negative.  Need to let it go.  
It hasn't happened in 40 years of hiv history, so it won't happen in the next 40 years of your life either.
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