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I apologize if my question or post come up twice I'll make this short. A few weeks ago I received a hand job with spit. I'm not sure if there was blood in the saliva or not. Weeks later I had sex with my partner and now she's sick. She complained of a rash(2 days gone), her posterior auricular lymph node was swollen(very small now), and 3 days later she says her throat hurt. I am beyond stressed out and sorry. My question is..does the penis have to be in mouth for saliva to go to urethra or not? I would appreciate any real medical advice. Thank you.
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Just want to add that I agree with the answer of no risk as saliva inactivates the virus as does air.  
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I know I'm just a little paranoid being that my partner was coincidentally sick 3 days after we had sex ...that just threw me off especially the lymph node thing. Thanks for your help though.
You might have given her Covid. Etc.  
Not to dismiss what anyone is saying but she has a fever now, her covid test is negative. I'm still mentally drained..there are too many conflicting theories about HIV and the air. Any insight about what I mentioned earlier..does the penis need to be inside of the mouth in order for any fluid to enter urethra? I'm hearing that once the fluid hit the mucous membrane that's pretty much it.
You're actually TOTALLY dismissing the advice and instead you're 100% still sticking to your faulty idea that you can diagnose disease despite having no medical training. You are fixated on one disease that you can't have and pretending that no other disease can occur - no wonder you are mentally exhausted - trying to do something all day long that you are so unequipped to do.
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

You cannot get HIV or any STDs through hands, even if they have saliva on them.  
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Thank you guys so much, I'm a changed man now. Wish I had better self control. I hope everyone out there stays safe. The stress isn't Worth it.
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i think that you are not be infected hiv
if you received only hand job that day...

as you know already...

hiv can not be passed skin... and
if she had some bleeding wound on hand during handjob... she must stop to wipe the blood. This is common sense.

don't worry your partner's symptoms is not relate with hiv symptoms
she needs to see a doctor to check her health conditions
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Etc. in Jan 29 advice means may other possible diseases. Besides, Covid tests aren't 100% reliable especially rapid tests.
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