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How accuracy Hiv Test 4th Cmia after 27 day?

HIV period window difference Test Cmia 27 Day N 28 day? Because  I have been doing risky sex activities on the night of 23/10/19 and at 19/11/19 I have made a blood test using 4th HIV cmia test. The results are negetive. How much is the accuracy? The reason I however sometimes diarrhea. I'm not sure whether this diarrhoea is a result of HIV or anxiety symptoms as I suffer from extreme stress related to HIV test.
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Unprotected sex is a risk.  But it is a low risk when you think about how often it results in HIV transmission. It's less than 2 percent of the time if you have sex with an HIV+ person.  It looks like you took a 4th generation test on day 28?  If so, then that is conclusive.  
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yes 4th generation test on but 27 days not 28 days.. Is there a difference between 27 and 28 days?
Obviously, there is a 1-day difference.  Your test result is unlikely to change.
thanks for information curfewX...
curfewX can i ask questions? Does the 27 day Test use the 4th that is a good sign? is the possibility after 27 days of decision will be positive? Because I have a symptom of diarrhoea but not ongoing. Diarrhea and abdominal stomach Will happen when I'm too anxiety related to my HIV test
Please re-read my response.  Your result is unlikely to change.
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What was your risk?
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I make a relationship with no protection
Unprotected oral / vaginal /anal ?
unprotected vaginal
You have tested negative and it's definitive. One day doesn't make any difference for your event, you don't need to test any more. Please move on.
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