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How accurate is Rapid HIV test?

I took a rapid HIV test about one week after possible exposure after I started feeling some symptoms. It came back negative but since then I’ve still had the symptoms and they’ve gotten worse and more symptoms are showing. How accurate are those results with having taken the test so soon and when/if I should get tested again?
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Also wanted to add that I’ve had diarrhea for almost a week now
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One week is too early for Hiv rapid test  . You should get tested again 14 days after exposure with a 4 generation Hiv antibody / antigen test .
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1) You can have a test at 4 weeks, if it is an 4th gen DUO TEST (P24 and antibodies). it would give you a 95% accuracy, then at 6 weeks and finally at 12 weeks, some guidelines say 6 weeks is conclusive, other say 12... it's up to you.

2)HIV can not be diagnosed with symptoms, you have to get tested. Next time, if you think you were at big risk of getting HIV, ( because you live in a place or region of high risk population, or something else), you can seek for PEP at an emergency room of a hospital, if you are within 72 hours post exposure. the the best recommedation is between 2 to 24 hours.
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We need to stop recommending PEP to everyone!  That drug is very difficult to take and has terrible side effects and is to be used for things like you have had unprotected with someone you KNOW has HIV.  Most people do not have HIV.  It is percentage wise a very tiny portion of the population. And the CDC is a bit outdated in their info. Experts believe the HIV 4th generation duo test is accurate at 28 days and further testing is not needed.  
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What was your exposure?  
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Protected sex with a SW
You can't get HIV when you use a condom. If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam and it hangs in tatters so that didn't happen. A test would be purposeless.
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