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How easy is it to get a HIV infection from oral sex?

I'm a 25 year old male.

I posted in the STI group with regards to being urinated on by a woman. Basically two weeks ago, I was urinated on the face by a woman of unknown status. I can saw for sure that drops of urine got into my eyes nose and mouth. After peeing, she also rubbed her vagina on my shirt and then on my mouth/nose. There was no visible blood, but I don't know how to differentiate between "vaginal fluid" and pee as I am a man.

From everything that I heard of, the chances of HIV are quite low. However, to be extra safe, I was wondering, how much of the HIV virus is needed to infect someone? Also do the viral particles need to enter the bloodstream, or can I be infected by simply having any amount of hiv positive fluid sitting in my mouth for a while? I know some diseases just need a very small microscopic amount to cause an infection, while for others it's different.
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You can't get HIV from pee or vaginal fluid outside of the body.  Unlike some other infections that you allude to, HIV is actually not easily transmissible at all, and requires specific circumstances in order to infect.  The good news is that you had zero risk - no one has ever contracted HIV from the activities you mention.

Do not have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with someone of unknown status, and do not share intravenous needles with other people, and you will never have to worry about HIV.
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To clarify though, I heard that the virus can enter through a "mucuous membrane". As far as I know, wouldn't my entire mouth be one?

If that is the case, how much virus would I need to be in contact with on a mucuous membrane?
You would be looking at a vast amount of blood - the kind that would be present in a serious accident, with a bleeding person who required immediate medical attention. To repeat, no one has EVER contracted HIV from an event like the one you described.
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Also, in case it wasn't clear - HIV is never transmitted via urine.
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