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How likely could i get hiv from this exposure? Any way at all symptoms this early?

4 and a half days ago i had unprotected sex with a woman and her HIV status is UNKNOWN. I am going to get the RNA HIV test at SIX days. I have read MIXED things about the accuracy of it. Most websites claim for this test it is 95-99% accurate at 9-10 days. It's not recommended because 2-5% of the time it has false positives. Also i started having what i believe to be ARS symptoms. Everything online says the minimum to experience ANY symptoms is 7 days even then unlikely IF i experience them. My question is that is it NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL to experience MILD BEGINNING  hiv symptoms at 4-5 days EVER? Lastly how accurate will a RNA test be at  6-7 days? Also in my unprotected vaginal sex with her let's ASSUME she is HIV POSITIVE i did have an OPEN CUT on my penis. I read that this can increase risk. I've read varying things saying it can double or triple risk, etc. But does that mean my risk is still technically low? Instead of 1 in 1000 like normally because i had an OPEN cut (not huge but an open dry humping wound) that it is maybe 1 in 250 or 1 in 200 so still really low chances IF she is positive?
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You and the other person are two who had an unquantifiable risk so a statistician would not be comfortable providing % for any of your questions. Symptoms are not used to diagnose for numerous reasons chiefly because they prove nothing.

Just take the 4th gen test at 28 days for a conclusive result is what I would do. Or get her to test at 28 from her previous last before she met you, if that is possible.
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Still haven't had my question about the RNA  test accuracy at 6-7 days answered It is 100 copies per ml the test i'd have. Also didn't have an answer regarding  experiencing symptoms at 5 days post exposure being possible ever?
I wrote "Symptoms are not used to diagnose for numerous reasons chiefly because they prove nothing."
Further, everyone comes here claiming self-diagnosed ARS symptoms but no one has them in reality.
What i had asked was is it EVER POSSIBLE to have symptoms before ONE  week only? I read on a few sites saying you can have them in a few days but everything else says thats not possible the bare minimum is a week and it's usually 7-14 days at least
The majority experience symptoms between 2 to 4 weeks.  Taking the RNA test at 6-7 days is too soon.
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Another question i have is that IF i have a rash (one of the people that gets ars symptoms) can it ever be a MILD rash or is it usually fairly noticeable? Like ever just something very faded and not that serious? Lastly, i've read that although RARELY people do not have a fever with ARS IF they get ars they 80% of the time or more DO have  a fever, correct?
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Your asking questions about syptoms, which anxious stated isn't used to diagonis the virus, and that's why there's no answers to them.
This is an HIV prevention forum and we only deal in the concrete data that I provided. You are looking for % statistics but those CAN only provide false hope or fear so we stay away from that and you should too in order to try to relax while waiting for the test I mentioned.

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The question is "CAN i get HIV ARS symptoms 5-6 days after exposure. The answer to that would be YES or NO." Period. Can i get a rash that early or not? Does it usually have a fever?
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Please consult your doctor.  Symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV whether it is 5-6 days or 5 -6 weeks.   A properly timed test is what will determine HIV status. We wish you the best.
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