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How to take Truvada?


I want to take Truvada as an extra layer of protection. What is the best? Take it daily or just intermittent when having intercourse?

Is having itchy acne-like bumps a sign of acute hiv? Number of bumps is like 5.How many bumps you need to have to call it a rash?

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Let's think about this logically.  You said in this thread that the encounter was with a person who just tested NEGATIVE for HIV.  So, if she is negative for HIV, then it would be impossible to get HIV.  Even if she were positive, your risk level is less than 2% which means extremely low and very unlikely.  Symptoms are not used for diagnosis of HIV so continuing to discuss how many bumps you have isn't productive.  
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I didn't know that at the time. All I know when I pulled off condom it was not easy and felt sticky and flabby to remove but don't think condom was torn. That why I was worried
I am not sure if person was hiv - now. I could have been mistaken with other person. Symptoms are not reliable is told here for several reason. Let's say one has symptoms, could they start after a week, then some disappear and come back? For example, a sore throat that comes and go?

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Symptoms are NOT used to determine whether someone might or might not have HIV.  Only a test can determine HIV status.
You discussed about 2 incidents:

First, unprotected vaginal intercourse where your partner has tested negative, unless she is in her window from a different exposure, you have nothing to worry about.

Second, you stated that you had oral sex, giving or recieving either of it is not a risk.

Your behavior is seeming to lean towards an anxiety issue. You can't have symptoms of a disease that you weren't exposed to. Don't waste your time on reading about things on the internet and imagining it on to your self, you don't need PEP, you don't have symptoms, you are fine. See a counselor if you are having a hard time dealing with your mind.
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What was your risk?
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My risk was unprotected vaginal intercourse. I had pharyngitis for 2 days, 1 swollen lympf node and now just 1 very itchy acne-like bump.
It's been said time and again on this forum that symptoms do not mean any thing.

Also, your symptoms seems to be unrelated to HIV. ARS rash is maculopapular and it's almost always accompanied with high fever, if you were actually going through ARS, you wouldn't have been in here typing about it on this forum instead in an ER. You can take a test at 28 days with a Duo.

I am curious, are you with an HIV positive partner?
No I'm not with an hiv partner and I would feel very guilty if I should infected anyone. The person I had unprotected intercourse with is negative. Just found out hour ago
Any link on Google to see good example of such a rash?
Opinions of family doctors vary greatly. Ten years ago a doctor told me that using condoms with prostitute doesn't protect fully against hiv. Another doctor me last year that symptoms rarely occur in newly infected. This week my doctor said, I had to go for my throat, that newly infected when having symptoms is very obvious. You put your trust in doctors but when opinions vary...
That's good for you. So all your symptoms were imaginary. Forget about this event. It's time to move on.
Did you see my other post from today?
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Taking PrEP is not a decision that you should be leaving up to comments in this, or any online forum.  You need to discuss this decision, and dosing, with a doctor.  We cannot advise you on how to take prescription medication ad-hoc.

Regarding your bumps - symptoms are not used to diagnose HIV.  If you have had a risk, take a test at the appropriate time to know your status.
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Ok, thank you. I was asking about my symptoms because I read other posts from people here but couldn't find what I was looking for. So that is why I asked it.

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