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I am a bit worried

Hello, I am a 39 year old female. I was celibate for many years. I decided to date. Met a guy. We had 3 sexual encounters. One on the 9th of February, Once on the 13th of February, and then again March 6th. I ad Already knew my HIV status was negative as I had been tested. 3-4 days after the first time him and I engaged I felt sick. Warm, but no fever. A little achy. On the 13th more of the same after. Then on the 14th of Feb I had my annual check up and asked them to run a full Sexual health screen. Everything came back negative. As I know it was to soon to test for some. I then had relation with the same man on the 6th of March and again several days later felt sick. Low grade fever, tired, diarrhea, ear pain. I do not have my tonsils or adenoids on the right side of my ear/neck is sore. No rash, I have minor vag irritation. I have Tested Negative on Feb 14th again on Feb 22, had an RNA test done tested neg and then tested again on March 14th with negative results. With what I am feeling is it possible for me to be infected with HIV and I am just testing to early? I am praying not. I will get tested again on March 28th and then again in April. Please advise. Help. Comfort????
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HIV would never present with symptoms a few days after an encounter.

What did your encounters involve that worries you?
We did not use protection and When I asked him his status he became very offended
On any occasion we did not use protection and I know better. What I felt 3-4 days after was very warm in my body. That went away. Now, 15 days later, I have pain in ear, neck, throat area. And a slight dry cough. Diarrhea. Low back pain and very severe heartburn. Thanks for your reply.
These are not HIV symptoms.

People become offended because most people do not have HIV, and most people are honest, and would share their status with others before engaging in unprotected sex.  He probably got offended at the notion that you thought he might be hiding it from you - it's a fairly natural reaction.

Just take a 4th generation test a month after your last encounter to know your status for sure.
Thank you. I have a 4th Gen test on the 28th and then on the 9th of April.
It will be quite silly to waste your time doing a useless early test on the 28th. It will be abnormal to test multiple times for the same disease which will indicate a bit of a mental health issue. If you are that anxious, see your doc for medication to calm you down instead of double testing for no reason. You don't test twice for any other disease.
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