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I am confused and terrified

Am confused and terrified..
First I would like to thank all the people behind this forum.. they are doing a wonderful job in helping propel around the world..

Apologies for my bad English.. I am not much very good in English.

Even though I was a member .. I always used to read the topics in forum , but never thought I will be posting a question here..

I am working in a construction site as technician and my job involves lot of sharp objects..

A week ago , while working I had a medium sized cut on my small finger below the nail and it had skin got peeled off and  started to bleed. I dint not went  my site medical as I was able to stop bleeding with plaster. Afterwards in evening I removed the plaster and left it dry naturally.

After 3 days I.e on weekend , as usual practise our company bus takes all the workers to  city for purchase, as our site is in remote area. In city I met a girl in club and her HIV status is unknown.

We dint had any sex she just allowed me touch her while she rubbed herself. She rubbed her vaginal lips with her fingers and Then we kissed while holding each other's hands.i don't remember the time gap between her rubbing and holding my hand. But I' did not felt any wetness.

Afterwards when we came back I remembered I have a laceration in finger and I started freak myself what if the cum in her hand touched my wound. Out of curiosity I checked your forum and I was convinced that there no risk from such kind activities as this activity has taken not inside the body. I was even thinking to not get myself tested.

Same time out of curiosity and as per my friends suggestion, I used a mobile app to consult a doctor by paying online and sent them my finger photo , explained them the same scenario .. and I asked them what is the risk.. both doctors I  consulted through text and photo, said risk is very low but none of them said zero risk..
This answers of both doctors  made me scared and freaked out.
I know that what I did is wrong.. I should not have asked them..But now confused..

I was very confident of myself that I am not in any risk of HIV..
This doctors destroyed my confidence..

Please help me through this confusion
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If you completely agree, you do not need ot continue asking the same question.  HIV is transmitted in very specific ways that are well known.  Unprotected vaginal or anal penetrating sex or sharing IV drug needles are the only ways there is a chance of transmission and one time exposures of those are very low risk.  So, given this information, nothing you add,  no matter how many times you repeat the question will change the answer already given which is that you had no risk.
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You already know there is no risk from reading this forum, so there is nothing new to say. The advice can't change.
If you want to stop being worried, then stop searching the internet when you already know the answer. We rely on the opinion of expert doctors so do not pay attention to whoever you talked to otherwise we will be here all day arguing. Move on and stop wasting your life reading about hiv.
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I completely agree with you.. I trust the expert advice given here..
I hope you have considered all the scenario of cum in her fingers touching my wound / rubbing on my wound and then only you have  given the reply..

You have a fixation with hiv since you keep reading about hiv and are asking the same questions again. There are more interesting hobbies than hiv fixation, so move on with your real life. Besides, you are focusing on the wrong virus, since you would get Covid if she had it.
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